Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Been A Busy Bee!

Hey Guys

Apologies for my lack of blogging lately. Just checked my posts and realized I've only done 2 this month which is really bad and irregular! Must post more interesting entries! I've been surfing the net, researching artists for my A level Photography & Graphics and finding out different perspectives in my Sociology class, so there's a few topics to write about.

Also I've been busy with photo shoots lately and my rather large back log of edits that I need to do! There's so many awesome photos to choose from! I shall be posting my latest shoots very shortly however you can see some images already on my Flickr Photostream and Facebook. These get updated regularly as soon as I finish an edit. You can see my latest Flickr uploads at the side of my blog >>

I'm currently doing a project called 'Intimacy' where I've already recreated an iconic image (see Nisha Haq Photography > Gustav Klimt - The Kiss recreation) using the awesome Lauhren Jones and her boyfriend. I've also done a studio shoot with 'couples' style photography. I'm going to incorporate different styles of photography to achieve intimate portraits such as night life (e.g. clubs, parties, gigs), commercialised studio shots (e.g. couples), paparazzi theme (e.g. gossip mags& blogs) & fashion campaigns (e.g. Tom Ford, Calvin Klein). Hopefully I can get this project into motion and not to leave it to the last minute before my deadline!

This Thursday I'm going to the RAG Day (charity day event) and then the club party in the evening where I hope to take some night life style documentary photographs. Been researching on which is a great site for tips and advice. Am also taking photos in the day of people in fancy dress. I'm going as a cowgirl! Was pretty excited when I put my outfit together :)

For my graphics project I've decided to create a Feminist Art magazine. I'm going to use all my skills learnt from my current A Level subjects and hopefully get some interesting articles & the magazine created by Feb.

So a fair few projects including commissions, bookings and organizing more test shoots! Oh and my UCAS statement for University! Almost there! I've finally written my personal statement (which took forever to cut down) and all I need to do now is certify my 5 choices. At the moment I have 6 and don't know which to cut and what my first and second Uni choice. The 6 Universities I'm finding difficult to cut to 5 are: Glamorgan, Arts London, Southampton Solent, Nottingham Trent, UWE and Westminster. The italics are the universities I'm not 100% sure about. My friends are all getting offers and interviews so I thought I better get my ass in gear and get applying before it's too late! (The general national deadline is 15th Jan 2011). Cross my fingers I get a place but first I need to send my application off first! I hope to do that today! :)

In addition to all of the above I'm trying to launch my freelance business and in the process in revamping my logo (including M.A.S.H logo) for Nisha Haq Photography. I've made a Facebook page and website (currently in blog form). Hopefully I can get these sites up and running.

Anyway..lots to blog about and so little time! note to self: also review Alter Bridge, Kids in Glass Houses, 30 Seconds to Mars,

Shall keep you guys posted about new projects & ideas :P


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