Monday, 29 November 2010

Acoustic Cover: Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars

Hey guys

Yesterday had a huge lie in (haven't had one for a while) and decided to be pretty lazy for the day until I had a brainwave to create music and write some new material. Hadn't sat down and played/sung guitar in ages and seeing I had a slight break from coursework pressure thought I'd regain my musicality and get my fingers strumming and vocals chords belting. :D

I had looked up some current songs in the charts with easy chords to play and decided upon Just the Way You are by Bruno Mars, his début smash hit. Love that song! The lyrics are beautiful and it's a rarity to hear such a enchanting voice with romantic words; how refreshing!

I used chords D, Bm & G throughout on Capo 3 (source chord sheet) I had only practiced this song once through yesterday so half of my arrangement is improvised.. but hey, that's live music! :D

Tried out my HD video mode on my Canon EOS Kiss x4 and was pretty pleased at the quality. Took forever ( 10 hours+) to upload to Youtube but got there in the end! Ch-Ch-Check it out :P eek, you can play in 1080p! How exciting! haha

Tell me what you think! :)

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