Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Johnny Deep Lookalike?, London

Went to lovely capital, London last Wednesday for London College Communication open day and decided to shop at Oxford Circus before the open day. Thought I'd try out street style photography like the likes of The Sartorialist and Facehunter. Went with my awesome friend Lauhren Jones and we both scouted for fashionable people. I must admit, at first I was quite shy approaching people and saw tonnes of potential people to shoot but this 'Johnny Depp Lookalike' caught Lauhren's eye and we decided he be pretty cool to shoot. It was a good idea starting off with stationary people. especially standing outside the fashionable Topshop. After this guy I became more eased to ask random people to photograph on the street. :)

About this look:  I love his 'John Lennon/Johnny Depp' style sunglasses and brushed back hair. His oversized shirt reminds me of an artist overall which shows with his SLR camera in his hand; he must be creative too! :D Not a fan of the leggings but totally works for his look, and I really like his combat style boots (sorry you can't see them).

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