Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nisha Haq Photography > Ebony Woodland Shoot

On Wednesday did a photo shoot with my friend Ebony Bunting who has an awesome quirky fashion sense where she often wears vintage clothes. We're both on Lookbook so decided to do a photo shoot together. :D I had this idea of doing a 'Woodland Nymph' shoot with woolly knits and fur however it was awful weather with rain pelting down and were all getting wet! I managed to get a few nice shots in the rain before we decided we were too cold and went inside. I took these images at college during our free periods. I also wanted to try something new and not always shoot 'sex-ified' images and try something 'earthy', natural and soft. Ebony was great at this. My feedback from my friend, Matt who I asked to help with a reflector (however didn't need it in the end) told me I should practice more on directing which I realized on that day was pretty 'idea-less'! It's all about research, a back up plan (as I had ideas for outside but not inside) and more preparation. Practice makes perfect! :D

More shots to come soon.

Photography & Post Processing: Nisha Haq
Model: Ebony Bunting
Fashion: Ebony Bunting
Hair/Make Up: Catherine Disney
Taken: 17/11/10
Location: Bridgwater College
Kit: Canon EOS Kiss x4, 18-55mm lens

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