Friday, 5 November 2010

Halloween Gig & Live Band Shots

So this past week has certainly been full of great highs and lows. I've been rather busy so haven't managed to post any entries for a week!

Last weekend went to a great Halloween party at the Bridgwater Arts Centre where I saw some really good local bands and everyone was dressed up in awesome Halloween outfits including the live bands. I'm still editing some live shots and photos I took at the after party but here's a few shots I've done. There's been a great reception from the bands and they really like my photographs which is great. So I've decided to try out different styles of photography and not just limit myself to fashion now that I've got my new Canon. I'm getting into live photography! :D

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Out For Tomorrow Live 1. Myspace:, Vocalist: Ben Lumber

Cut Nancy Live 1: Myspace:, vocals: Edd Butterworth, drums: James Holley, bass: Keith Mitchelhill

Cut Nancy Live 1: Myspace: bassist: Keith Mitchelhill

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