Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sociology Trip to Wells & Glastonbury

Hey guys

Yesterday went to on a Sociology trip to Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury and walked up Glastonbury Tor which was like hell! haha. I think it was -100 C (in the wind!) and I think my toes almost fell out, nevertheless it was a fun day despite cold conditions and was happy that I had an opportunity to take photographs of two infamous towns in Somerset. My current module is religion and what better place to find out about New Age Religions and beliefs, Glastonbury and Wells :D

First went to Wells and had a tour of Wells Cathedral. The stained glass windows and Gothic architecture were beautiful. Shame I couldn't take photos inside (had to pay) however failed to see the relevance of the tour to my Sociology course.
I find Gothic architecture fascinating. 
Saw a dead pigeon outside Wells Cathedral. Think I'd be the next World Press Photographer of the Year with this? haha
Mary n Me :D

Saw this delicious sweet shop in Wells. ...come take me to the candy shop.. woah!

Xmas Chocolates!
evil yet cunning looking Matt! Bless
In the afternoon went to visit the Glastonbury Goddess Temple where we had a very insightful talk about their beliefs & religion. It's great how open they are to anyone and not concerned if you're homosexual, smoker, drinker, fornicator etc, their belief is in helping the individual regardless of who you are. I learnt they have 8 seasons in a year and it originates from Pagan culture. Also found out the Priestess of Avalon, Georgina lead a successful life in business however was spiritually deprived but found that her life was more fulfilled by the Godess Temple. In a  way this is quite inspiring as this is an example of how money can't motivate you through life.

Check out their site to learn more: Goddess Temple
Georgina the Priestess
Inside the Goddess Temple
Snapped the Sociology teachers! Fe (left) is a great teacher! :D
Inside YingYang spiritual shop, Glastonbury

Self-portrait inside YingYang shop :D
At the end of the trip we walked up Glastonbury Tor which was a trek, especially in the harsh cold! Managed to get to the top in once piece and it was so worth it! The view was spectacular! There were rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds and the cold mist fused into the sky created a beautiful landscape!

At the top of Glastonbury Tor

What a great day! :D


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