Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Photograph of the Day > Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus

Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus (NSFW) lovelarastone06

This photo was published in Interview magazine Sept 2010 issue and though it may be mid Nov you may think I'm slow at blogging this editorial. However this photo has been in my mind all morning and thought I'd blog as my 'Photograph of the Day'. This was the photo that influenced me to spend my last fiver on a magazine (which is imported from the US so therefore a little more expensive to buy in UK) rather than spend on lunch at the Tate Modern in Sept. Fashion over food is a rare occurance for me but recently I've been splurging so much on magazine, I can't get enough of them!

Mert & Marcus are amazing photographers and I featured the duo as my first 'Artist of the Week'. I must admit Lara Stone has an unusual beauty with a sexual appeal like no other. When I first saw her in magazines and ad campaigns, I wasn't blown away however over time she's become an amazing supermodel and is like a chameleon adapting whatver style and story thrown at her. This photo is very liberating and the colours are stunning. I like how you cannot see her face and its more of a sihouette. This pose looks like she's a comic book hero and is about to jump off the building with her 'cape' but the soft colours in the sky and the translucent coat creates a serene setting which is beautiful. This editorial is called 'The Chronicles of Lara'. I love Mert & Marcus!

(NSFW) To see uncensored click on the source links above

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