Sunday, 28 November 2010

Diary Update: Burlesque, Harry Potter, 30 Seconds to Mars, Acoustic covers...

Hey everyone :D

Well this week has certainly been a blast! Ups, downs and everything!

Monday 22 Nov
Coursework! (okay the beginning of this week was a bit boring)

Tuesday 23 Nov
Ambassador event helping out Year 9 (age 14-15) prospective students for choosing subjects at college. I lead tours of the college and was rather happy that I didn't mess up :D

Wednesday 24 Nov
My day off college and I did a photo shoot with Becky Baker from my photography class :D. It was really fun as this time I was modelling rather than shooting. I helped out with direction but was a in a weird way proud how awesome Becky did on her first model shoot. :P We shot in my lounge and in Photography class, the current assignment is to recreate an iconic image. Becky chose Whilster's Mother (Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother) by James McNeill Whistler. This is her burlesque style modern interpretation of this famous oil painting with post processing help from me & Portia Saunders. Shall post more edits from the shoot. Thanks Becky!

Forgot to write that I saw Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part I on Wednesday! A brilliant movie, though at times there were a few slow parts though is understandable if they're stretching the story over a two part film. The cast is as ever, amazing but the effects are mind blowing! Looking forward to part II in the summer. I really liked how dark this film was and it didn't 'try' to be overly funny. My favourite sections were when Ron had to destroy the horcrux and he saw visions of Harry and Hermione 'getting it on' (that was weird) and when the snake jumped at the screen. Also when Ron, Harry & Hermione transform themselves and go undercover in the Ministry of Magic. The ending to this first instalment was really sad (I won't give it away) and I kind of had a tear in my eye!

Thursday 25 Nov
College day was quite boring however did a photo shoot with Lauhren Jones and her boyfriend, Dan Ecclestone for my iconic image. I chose to do Gustav Klimt's The Kiss and Annie Leibovitz's Rolling Stone cover with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Shall be posting my modern interpretation soon :D

Friday 26 Nov
In the morning did a studio photo shoot with Jess Croker and her friend Charlie which was a last minute replacement as my male model didn't turn up. Charlie was great as a last minute step in and Jess was great to work with. Also hadn't done a studio shoot in ages and this time worked with projected light rather than flash and modelling lamps. Shall post edited photos very soon :D

Also planned to go and see the amazing 30 Seconds to Mars in the afternoon at 6.30pm in Cardiff's CIA however was unfortunate that my friends dropped out on the day so I had no one to go with :( which was really stressful as I couldn't go by myself and frantically had to find someone who would go with me as I had a spare ticket going with only a few hours notice. I eventually persuaded my wonderful mother to take me. The driving conditions were awful, it was snowing all the way there and were traffic pile ups on the motorways. It would normally take 1h30 mins to get there took more than 3 hours! But after a lot of travelling and perseverance to see one of my favourite rock bands... it was an awesome pay off! They were electrifying! Shall post review on rock bands I've seen in the past month :D

 The Joys of the Many Expressions of 'MAMA' aka Ruby Haq.

Saturday 27 Nov
Had a huge lie in after an awesome concert 30 Seconds to Mars. Shall admit to getting up at 1.00pm! But decided to be kind of productive and sat down and wrote/ played some awesome music. Did a cover of Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Firework by Katy Perry. Also wrote a song called Lilly that may be used for a music video project Lauhren Jones asked to do with me. May be posted soon.

Check out my Just the Way You Are cover on Youtube in HD!!!

Sunday 28 Nov
Another uber lazy day but did finally manage to post that HD video to youtube which took like 10 hours + to upload!! Did some blogging, obsessing over Jared Leto and some research for possible blog entries. :D And how can I forget, X Factor elimination night! Glad that Wagner and Katie are gone (my least favourites), now want Rebecca to go (she's become really boring now!) and Matt to win! C'mon MATT CARDLE! :D

Have a great day folks!



R said...

OMG! I look a right spazzed out spaz! Nisha you are an amazing person! A bloody lazy one but an amazing one nevertheless. I love you, despite your faults, I bloody love you and always, forever will! XX

mashnash said...

are't you a lovely violent fat spazz :D haha.
u is da beez kneez innit blud :D
muah x