Sunday, 21 November 2010

Nisha Haq Photography > Chloe Kill & Car Shoot

Had a really fun photo shoot with Chloe Hodge yesterday where I shot in Bridgwater Angel Place car park, car park where Splash Swimming centre used to be and a secluded burnt down house? near Asda. I orginally had the idea of Chloe being a Kleptomaniac (an irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value) so decided to shoot in a car park where theft is fairly common. Whilst shooting it was hard to stick to the idea as portraying someone who likes to steal and pull it off realistically, especially peeking into people's cars, it kind of looked dodgy! But I must say, Chloe was a really good on the day and a natural at modelling despite having not modelled much before. It was great working with someone who has a fabulous fashion sense (she has loads of stylish clothes especially the military trend) and having a passion for fashion like me was a joy and obviously brought out the inner model in her. She's also very photogenic and I believe this is one of my best shoots to date. Thank you Chloe!

Mood board for the shoot:

Here's a few shots that I've edited from the shoot. Still loads more to come. :D

Photography & Post Processing: Nisha Haq
Model: Chloe Hodge
Fashion, Hair & Make-Up Chloe Hodge
Taken: 20/11/10
Location: Bridgwater
Kit: Canon EOS Kiss x4, 18-55mm lens

It also helped with awesome locations, especially the abandoned burnt down house (I think it was a house, it was quite creepy). Randomly found a saw so we used that for some shots. It was great location to use for a fashion shoot, was rather excited after finding this and shooting Chloe here. More to come from this location.

This was taken at the second location where Splash used to be. A random guy from the YMCA who was waiting for people let us borrow his lovely BMW to shoot with. :D More to come from this as well

All in all, a fun shoot with many edits! :D

Here's my actions from the above photo on Photoshop CS2
NISHA HAQ ACTIONS, chloe bmw 1

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